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Biennial exhibition “Zvilgsnis i save” (“Introspection”) is a traditional event of contemporary of Lithuanian architecture, organized by Architects Association of Lithuania for the 5th time.

The Aim

The aim of the exhibition-competition is to review and analyze current trends, to evaluate the quality of contemporary Lithuanian architecture, and to mark the 5 best projects.

The Awards

5 winners – authors of the best projects - were awarded with a traditional prize – sculpture “1/5 Metre”. The awards evening took place at the National Gallery of Art (Vilnius), on 7th of November 2012.

The Exhibition

The exhibition presents architectural projects (implemented and not implemented projects as well as awarded competition entries), designed by Lithuanian architects in our country and abroad during 2010-2012.

The exhibition is open to the projects of various scale and programmes, such as  multifunctional complexes, public/cultural buildings and spaces, administrative, commercial buildings, housing, individual houses and urban visions. Student’s graduation projects and interior projects are not accepted. The works, which had been presented in previous editions of “Introspection”, are excluded too (except for the case of an implementation which had been presented as a non-implemented project previously).

All the Lithuanian architects are invited to submit any quantity of their projects, designed or implemented in 2010-2012 online.

The exhibition consists of a virtual exhibition and a catalogue.

The Jury

5 best projects were selected by an international jury. The members of a jury are prominent foreign professionals, delegated by foreign architectural organizations. The jury also shortlisted 105 projects that are published in the catalogue.

Sven Felding (Denmark). Teaching at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture since 1971, the architect was the head of the same school for twelve years (2000-2012). Sven is a member of the Danish Architects Association and the President of ICOMOS.DK. Also he runs the private practice, responsible for various awarded projects of universities, offices, airposts etc. He participates in various architectural competitions as a jury member and in is a member of some advisory boards (EU).

Emil Urbel (Estonia). After graduating from Estonian Academy of Arts in 1982, since 2000 Emil runs a private studio „Emil Urbel Architects OÜ“ and teaches at Tallinn University of Technology. Emil Urbel owns several awards and nominations at various architectural competitions. in 1990 he received and award of Estonian Union of Architects „Best young architect“. This award was followed by a series of Estonian Cultural Endowment Awards for the best building in 1996, 2000 and 2003.

Ingurds Lazdinš (Latvia). Besides running his own office „Arhitektonika“, Ingurds is a Board member of Latvian Association of Architects and co-founder of the main Latvian architectural information and discussion platform Being author of various important public buildings, Ingurds received AAL Award “The best public building” in 2007 and the Award by the municipality of Riga in 2008 for the best new building.


After the closing up the submission of works, the international jury analysed the online exhibition and made two lists: one consisting of 105 projects for the catalogue; the second – consisting of 12 projects, shortlisted as possible winners.

Several days before the awards event the international jury visited the shortlisted buildings / places and immediately after that made the decision about the 5 winners that were announced during the next day’s Awards event.

Assessment Criteria

  • Clear concept, consistency and excellency of the design, harmony with the surroundings, appropriateness of the means (materials, textures, colors, details etc.), functionality;

  • Innovativeness, originality (presenting new typology, invention or use of new technologies, discoveries in architecture’s style, “placeness” of the design);

  • Impact on urban or natural environment (social, economical, environmental, visual, semantic aspects);

  • Rationality and feasibility of the design, quality of ideas’ implementation.


Rūta Leitanaitė, curator – tel. +370 61572309, e-mail.

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